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grey learninggoals     Learning objectives

  • As digitalization is changing the way we live and work, this course strives to raise awareness and the make students familiar with the EU’s common values (including ‘corner-stone’ of human dignity) and their importance in the discussion of these new phenomena.
  • After a short general introduction on law as such as well as on EU law, this course aims at raising awareness of both legal and ethical challenges of some selected topics in this context; i.e. self-driving vehicles, digitalization at large, and compliance.
  • This course also strives to promote and strengthen active EU citizenship through discussion and reflection of the impact of EU integration and the meaning of the EU’s common values, as well as their application to practical situations.
  • The course is aiming at students and other interested persons, traditionally not dealing with legal subjects (both outside, as well as inside MCI).
  • The course is taking a more holistic approach, therefore, creating an added value for students and strengthening their critical thinking ability.


Information for MCI students: This course contributes to the following AOL learning goals & objectives:

  • BA | 4.1 | Learning Goal: Problem Solving and Critical Thinking | Our students can make active use of critical thinking skills in analogue or digital contexts.
  • BA | 4.2 | Learning Goal: Problem Solving and Critical Thinking | Our students can approach problems responsibly considering ethical issues.
  • MA | 1.1 | Learning Goal: Communication | Our students can discuss problems, ideas, and solutions with specialists and non-specialists.
  • MA | 2.2 | Learning Goal: Scientific Methods | Our students can act according to ethical principles when doing scientific work.


    Study plan


Session Time Topic / Study Task Description


March 23, 2020
9.00-12.15h &

General introduction

The course starts with a one-day kick-off (on-site | videos for external participants) explaining the basics necessary for the upcoming (online) sessions.

Please note: due to the current situation, also this first session will take place online!


March 24, 2020
17.00-19.15h Self-driving cars and values

Online (*) session applying the famous trolley-car example to current challenges in the field of self-driving cars

March 25, 2020


Digitalization, Artificial intelligence (AI), New Technologies and Values

Online session discussing several challenges in this field against the background of values and (ethical) principles.


March 26, 2020


Filling EU values with life

Online session reflecting on the determination of these values with regard to their content.


March 30, 2020


Compliance and Values

Online session linking values and (ethical) principles to specific situations in companies, etc.


March 31, 2020


Q&A session for upcoming presentations

Online session allowing for students' questions for the upcoming presentations, respectively reflection papers in case of external participants.


April 3, 2020

9.00-12.15h &

Final session

Presentations for those on-site | reflection paper for external participants (see below)


Please note: due to the current situation, I want to encourage all of you to go for a reflection paper!




(*) All online sessions will take place via Adobe Connect. No need to install a software, all you need is a headset and a stable internet connection. Useful information: Quick Start manual.

The main functions of Adobe Connect are also explained in the video below (in German with English subtitles).



grey assessment     Assessment

The following table provides an overview of the assessment items and due dates in this course.



Due date


In the case of students on-site: presentations 

Presentation reflecting selected topics of this course Friday,
April 3, 2020
(= final session)

100 %

In the case of external participants: reflection papers

Reflection paper reflecting selected topics of this course Sunday,
May 3, 2020

100 %


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