Welcome to "Current Issues in Health Policy"


      Course overview


  • Current and future health policy challenges  
  • The state and the private sector in health policy 
  • Introduction to EU funding and main principles of grant proposals. 
  • Style and structure of proposals: tools and mechanisms, tips  and lessons learnt; further discussion & brainstorming of possible project ideas and coaching in small groups 


   Your lecturer


Prof. Mag. Martina Überall, PhD 
Head of Scientific Community of Nutrition and Health, Pädagogische Hochschule Tirol
Scientific Researcher, University of Innsbruck


Prof. Dr. Stephan Schlögl
Professor of Human-Technology Interaction, Software Engineering, & Artificial Intelligence, MCI Management Center Innsbruck


Prof. Dr. Nils Mevenkamp
Professor of Statistics, Empirical Social Research, Mixed Methods, Participatory Methods, & Philosophy of Science, MCI Management Center Innsbruck