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Welcome to MCI!

The MCI Learning Solutions website is designed to help you find your way around the physical and digital MCI campus.
Here you will find tips and tools on learning, productivity, motivation and collaboration.
You can access the individual topics by clicking on the corresponding buttons.


My MCI Campus

Where do my lectures take place? Where can I study undisturbed? How do I find the right literature and where can I borrow it? We will show you how to find your way around your new campus. Because different learning situations also require different learning spaces. Your campus at MCI combines physical and digital teaching and learning spaces and provides you with the basis for organizing yourself in the best possible way for your studies!

Lifelong Learning

Why is lifelong learning so important? How do I actually learn properly? Are there methods that make learning and working easier for me? Learning educates and opens up new perspectives in life. We'll show you how to make it a companionable part of your life. Our tips for more productivity will help you learn more effectively and be successful in your studies and career.


Agile Mindset

Our professional but also private environment is in a constant state of change. It is important that our attitude and our thinking reflect this agility and that we do not fall into a static mindset. But how do I manage to think beyond boundaries? A mindset cannot be trained, it has to evolve. We will show you how to tap into your full potential from a willingness to perform, self-initiative and the ability to self-motivate.


You have organizational or content-related questions about your study program? You have questions about Sakai, myMCI, Webmail or about software and hardware? You need literature from our library? You would like to further develop and deepen your study skills? Do you need help using Adobe Connect? Here you will find the right contact persons.

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